Who is my Secret Pal? (First ever!)


This activity is very unique whereby you will be assigned a secret pal randomly and chat with him/ her 10 days in advance. You will not know your pal's name nor get to see the picture, unless your pal divulge to you himself/ herself. With this, the focus will be on your inner beauty and your personality will get to shine.

This closing date is the registration closing date. The actual meet up date to reveal your secret pal will be on 15 Jun, 2-4pm.

1. There will be 50:50 gender balance as 1 lady will be matched with 1 gentleman and vice versa.

2. You can get to talk ALL others on the platform beyond your own secret pal.

3. All participants are legally single.

How it works?

1. Sign up by 1 Jun 2019, 2350.

2. We will ensure there is a minimum of 40 participants (20 ladies and 20 gentlemen) before this “platform” starts.

3. The platform will start by 5 Jun 2019, 2359 and lasts for 1 month (4 Jul 2019, 2359).

4. You will be randomly assigned a pal to chat with and you are welcomed to chat with all others.

5. We provide a conducive environment for ALL participants to meet your secret pal and those whom you have been chatting with face-to-face on 15 Jun 2019, 1400 - 1600. We strongly encourage ALL participants to join us to allow yourself to expand your social circle. It will be conducted in a free and easy manner.


1. What is provided for the fee paid?

We will provide the platform which consists of legally singles and FREE use of the face-to-face platform. The face-to-face platform is value-added on our part to help you.

2. What will be provided during the meet up session?

We provide the platform, e.g. conducive environment with tables and chairs.

3. If there are less than 40 participants (20 ladies and 20 gentlemen), what happens?

This platform will not start and the fee paid will be refunded.

4. Am I limited to only meeting my secret pal?

No, you are welcomed to meet and mingle all others.

5. If I am unable to join on the 15 Jun, what is the arrangement?

You can make private arrangements with your secret pal or any others. We will provide the platform for meet up only for 15 Jun.

6. If there is no one that I am keen in chatting or meeting, will there be a refund?

No, there will be no refunds once the fee is paid.

7. Will the profile picture and name be revealed?

Yes, we will reveal after the meet up date (15 Jun 2019). We will strongly encourage all participants to upload their profile picture.

8. What is the platform?

It is our private platform on an event app. This will protect your personal contact data, e.g. email, contact number.

9. Can I still continue to use the platform after the meet up date?

Yes, it lasts for 1 month (4 Jul 2019, 2359).

If you are unable to purchase tickets due to tickets sold out, kindly register your interest on "Waitlist". You don't have to pay anything! You will be informed of any increase in capacity! For any inquiries, kindly email us at admin@completeme.com.sg or contact us at 81252321. All details of the meetup will be sent to all keen participants, via email 2 days before the event (13 Jun 2019).

CompleteMe respects your privacy. In line with the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act, we would like to inform you on how we will use your personal data:

  • Update you of in the events’ information which you have signed up for
  • Verify your marital status with ROM to ensure that you are legally single
  • Send you marketing information, such as upcoming events and activities. You can always unsubscribe yourself at the bottom of each newsletter.

Sat Jun 1, 2019
11:50 PM - 11:55 PM SGT
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Ladies $18.90
Gentlemen $18.90
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176 Orchard Road Singapore